Cash is King

Get it.....Use it.....Without Debt...In Many Cases

CKP Funding can help you get cash now from many types of future income streams. Selling accounts receivable or some other income stream is frequently a better solution than borrowing. Whether you need cash for working capital or for expansion, we can find the right buyer from our network of cash suppliers.

Take a look at these potential sources of cash then contact us to work out a program to give you cash when you need it.

Get Cash Now From Your Future Business Income Streams
Sell Collateral - Secured Notes/Paper
Income From Consumer Contracts can Yield Cash Now
Do You Have Future Income Due From Government
Using Future Income From Insurance and Trusts for Cash
Or If You Prefer More Conventional Sources of Funding
Who CKP Funding IS and Our Professional Credentials
A Touch for Charity? Helping You Help Others
If you need cash, call or email CKP Funding to discuss the opportunities available to optimize your cash flow.
Send us an email message. Letís get started improving your cash flow now.